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Dimensions - 19"W x 23 1/2"D x 13"H (48.3cmW x 59.7cmD x 33.0cmH)

This is a 2 position foot stool that fits the Full Size Adirondack Chair. The image on the left shows the lounge position, with the front legs folded under and held in place. The image on the right shows the footstool position. The legs are splayed outward to give the stool stability and to prevent the legs from folding under, when someone sits down.
The stool is large enough to create extra seating for quests or to use as a table. Washers between the legs and side panels allow free movement, especially when painted. Stop blocks prevent leg movement.
If you are looking for a plan with a more narrow footstool, to allow easier access in and out of the chair, simply reduce the plan's width dimensions by your desired amount.

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The mailed plans include part sizes in standard and metric dimensions, assembly instructions with matching step-by-step color photos, parts pictures and full size paper cut-outs, which you can trace onto hardboard for permanent templates. Each is lettered in order of assembly, and the legs are marked for bolt locations. You will be emailed the assembly instructions with my Paypal receipt, so you can start purchasing the materials and doing the straight cuts. The full size paper cut-outs will be mailed within 48 hours. Shipping costs are calculated in the shopping cart by country and dollar value.
Mailed Adirondack Footstool Plans - $5.95 + S&H

These downloadable plans include everything necessary to start building as soon as you have your patterns printed. The instructions and CAD generated PDF of FULL SIZE PATTERNS will be emailed within 24 hours. You can print the patterns on your plotter, or take the PDF on a memory stick to your local print shop for pickup.

DWG files ready for the CNC, are available on Etsy. The CAD files cannot be converted.

Digital Adirondack Footstool Plans - $3.95

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Full Size







Complete Package of DIGITAL Plans for $60.00

( Regular Full Size, Folding, Grandpa, Grandma, 4 Rockers, Loveseat, Beach, Settee, Youth, Junior, Child, Settee, Footstool & Table )

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Save them in your documents file, and have them printed when ready to build


These downloadable instructions and patterns are on Adobe Acrobat . The patterns will print clearly onto

8 1/2"x 11" paper for transferring from 1/4" x 1/4" squares to 1" x 1" graph paper.

These are NOT CAD full size printable patterns, and cannot be converted.

The lower price is indicative of the time it will take you to manually transfer the patterns.

Downloadable Adirondack Footstool Plan

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Full Size Chair & Footstool $7.95
Full Size Chair & Settee Kit $7.95
Full Size Chair, Settee Kit & Footstool $10.95
Folding Chair & Footstool $7.95
Full Size, Youth, Junior & Child Package $12.95
Children's Package (Youth, Junior & Child) $9.50
Full Package (Adult, Grandpa, Folding, Youth, Junior, Child, Settee, Stool, Table) $23.95

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Buy 23 Downloadable 8 1/2" x 11" Plans for $29.95

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